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Docma screen recorder is still in beta

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Script a user-flow once,
generate infinite videos

Docma is a no-code tool to automatically and recurrently create screenshots and screen recordings of your website, based on your scripted instructions.
Documentation and tutorial videos become automated and easy.

This script generates...

CSS class
Select action
Select action
CSS selector *
value *
Select action
CSS selector *
Select action
value *
Capture frequency

This screen recording, every day!

You don't need to write scripts by hand. Record them!
  • Record your clicks and interactions using the official Chrome extension;
  • Feed the generated instructions to Docma;
  • Docma will use these instructions to programmatically generate your videos on a daily basis;
Install Docma Chrome extension!

Try it yourself!

This is a simple demo, to give you an idea of what Docma will do. The final product will have all the features listed below!

To try the demo please use a tablet or a desktop computer

Doc video example

"How to find images on Unsplash"

Doc video example

"Add a product to the cart on"

Doc video example

"Create a new repo on GitHub and clone it"

Docma screen recorder is still in beta

Leave your email if you want to become one of our early adopters, and use Docma screen recorder for free until the official release.

Fully automated, from start to finish

Once a task is scheduled, Docma will repeat it with the selected frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) and call a webhook that you provided or send it to your email.

Take the perfect shot

You can provide instructions to Docma before taking a screenshot. For example scroll to a certain element of the page or login in a private area

Website monitoring

Choose to receive a screenshot only when something has changed. In this way Docma a way to keep track of changes on your any website.

Save frequently used scripts

Think of instructions scripts as blocks that you can compose and re-use - like a login script for example

Be notified if something goes wrong

Docma notifies you if something goes wrong while a task is running. This is super-useful if you want to be sure that a website is working as expected!

Schedule periodic recordings

Record documentation videos on a regular basis to always have up-to-date data.

Fully customizable, consistent themes

Adapt all videos to your website style by providing your own CSS configuration, resolution, and much more.

Add voice-over and background audio tracks

Describe what is going on in your video by uploading a voice recording

Localized content

Choose from what countries Docma should take the screenshots, to have the localized content you want!



What is Docma?

Docma is a low-code tool to automate the creation of screen recordings and screenshots.

By providing a set of instructions and scheduling a recurring date and time, Docma will automatically create videos of your website, that can be uploaded to any cloud storage or sent to your inbox.

Which are the most common use cases for Docma?

  • Knowledge base and tutorials: when it is time to explain how your website works in detail, images and videos of your service or website are much more instructive than a wall of text.
  • Preserve website history: Keeping track on how your website looks like at what time can help you with legal requisites, or preservation matters.
  • Content monitoring: Using an automated website screenshot service, you can have constant awareness of what content your website, or a competitor’s, is showing.
  • Web testing tool: Automation, and the proof that everything is working as expected, can be particularly useful when you have a user-flow that needs to be tested regularly.

Why is it particularly useful for documentations?

Knowledge base videos have always been painful to maintain, because they require specialized people for a very repetitive task.

Say you changed one line of CSS, and now your website looks slightly different. It is not professional having a documentation video that shows the old style instead of the new one!

So usually one developer is inefficiently employed to make videos of this small change.

This should be put to a stop! Documentation videos should be automated!

When is it going to be released?

Docma is just available in a prototype version, for the moment. We want to gather some feedback before releasing it!

You can join the waitlist to be the first to be notified about the release. Joining the waitlist will grant you a very interesting discount, too! ;)

How much will it cost?

Docma will have a trial period of 14 days, after that pricing is determined by the number of scheduled/running scripts.

  • Small: 49€/month for 10 active scripts, max once daily.
  • PRO: 99€/month for 50 active scripts max once daily.
  • Business: 199€/month for 200 scripts, no daily limit.

Be aware that pricing is not definitive yet, so these numbers may change.

Start using Docma automated screenshots today!

Docma small plan is free for now! You can schedule 5 different screenshot captures in the chosen frequency (daily, weekly or monthly)