Website monitoring

Use Docma as a website monitoring tool

Website monitoring tools are handy for several reasons, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use them. Either you want to monitor your favorite products, keep an eye on competitors, or be informed about regulatory changes, you can be sure that automated checking always saves you time!

Docma website monitoring tool will send you a daily, weekly or monthly email with the screenshot or screen recording of the pages you want to monitor. In this way, you won't have to manually navigate to all the webpages, and you will keep a nice updated archive.

Why website monitoring?

Regardless of the purpose, website change detection and website monitoring tools can be really powerful, if put into good use.

Let’see some examples of how such tools are so widely employed.

See what competitors are up to

Tracking and reviewing products, pricing, marketing strategies, news and online reputation of your competitors can help you stay ahead of the competition in all fields of digital businesses.

To monitor your competitors, you need to always be notified on the moves they make – from fresh product releases to new funding and pricing changes.

With the right tools, competitive monitoring can be made simple! A website monitoring tool, such as Docma can automatically check your competitors websites for you by sending email when a change occurs on the page you’re interested in.

In this way, you don’t have to manually check your competitors pages, making the process of looking for the data to perform a competitive analysis, revise your business plan, and adapt to changes in your industry, automatically.

You will always have precious insights that allow more data-driven choices in your business.

Monitor Social Networks

Being a competitor or any other social profile that could impact your business, such as trending hashtags, brand mentions or influential groups, monitoring activity on social networks is useful for any kind of business.

To be updated on certain pages or trends, many social networks users give the possibility to follow a page. You’re telling them that you’re interested in a certain topic or user, and you want them to appear on your personal profile.

By the way, just by following a page doesn’t mean you’ll catch meaningful updates, or interesting data, moreover it doesn’t guarantee you’ll catch all the new posts. You still have to log in and manually go through the feed to check if they posted anything new. Or to look up their page to see if there’s anything interesting.

With a web monitoring tool you can monitor your competitor, without relying on manually looking up their profile, and get automatic updates every time there’s a change to their profile.

Legal archive & regulatory compliance

Having an archive of yours or any other website can be useful for legal purposes. Moreover, a web monitoring tool can help your business monitor regulatory changes and maintain compliance. Regulatory compliance is when a company monitors and adheres to state, federal, and international laws and regulations as part of its operations.

With Docma you can monitor changes in laws, policies and legislation, to help ensure your company’s compliance.

Keep an eye on your favorite products

Say you have a favorite product on an ecommerce website. You maybe interested in receiving a notice when something changes, for example if the product is now for sale or back in stock.

When good deals are hard to spot, you definitely need a price tracker helping you keep the head on the products you’re thinking of buying.

Instead of manually and constantly checking changing prices that may lead you to subscribe to retailer mailing lists which, inevitably, result in your inbox clogged with daily advertisements and marketing campaigns, or sifting through emails until you find the notification you were hoping for.

Digital Marketing and SEO website monitoring

Monitoring SEO changes can be crucial for a successful digital marketing strategy. Tracking robots.txt, titles, headers, visual renderings and search takes time and effort to manually investigate whether this was due to one of your website changes. You have to manually sift through your pages and SEO data, in hopes of unearthing the origins of your tank in the rankings.

So let’s start from the simple assumption that keeping track of what changes with your website is just a boring and repetitive task. And if you’re part of a web agency, and you have to manage SEO for a multitude of clients, it gets even more burdensome.

SEO tracking tools allow you to stay on top of all of your SEO website updates and to automatically monitor your web pages for you as well as your Google Analytics or Search Console.

Conclusion - should you use a website monitoring tool?

If you have a lot of resources employed to manually keep track of webpages, social networks, or dashboards, maybe an automatic tool could be crucial to save up some time and put it into better use!

With Docma you can automatically send screenshots or videos of any webpage to your email address, to be always be updated and on top of the competition. If you want to know more about Docma automated screenshots, visit our homepage

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